How long is an Alexander Technique session?
About half an hour to 40 minutes. The first session may be a little longer.

Do I need to wear any particular type of clothes?
Normal casual clothing is fine.

Does the work mainly involve manipulation, like osteopathy?
The 'hands-on' work is much more gentle than osteopathy, and involves small, subtle changes to your balance, posture and muscle tone, giving attention at the same time to the way you are breathing. There is also a fair degree of verbal explanation, to identify your own habitual unhelpful physical patterns, and to help you take the work into your everyday life outside the session.

Is the work done lying on a table?
Most of the work is done sitting in a chair or in a standing position, but about ten minutes per session is spent lying on a table. In addition, everyday movements are sometimes worked on, such as walking, turning, lifting and carrying.

How many sessions will I need?
It depends what you want to get out of the Technique. You may feel a tangible benefit after just one session, and back/neck pains, sciatica etc., may disappear after the first few. But ideally the aim is to make a permanent change in the way you use your body. Harmful habitual physical patterns tend to re-assert themselves unless you consolidate the work by having a series of about 10-15 sessions. Many people continue for long after this, as work proceeds onto a more and more subtle level.